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Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc.
Ethnologue Language Archive was begun in 1971 by the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc., at the University of Oklahoma, and was continued at Cornell University. It is a catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries. For these reasons it matches perfectly with our information standards.
UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, was created at the very first session of the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 1946. The UNICEF mandate is, in essence, simple: to protect the lives of children and promote their development. The greater their vulnerability, the higher the priority.
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The Embassy of the State of Eritrea in Stockholm
The official website of the State of Eritrea in Stockholm provides information about the country including: history, geography and climate, people and languages, religion and culture. The duty of the Embassy is to enhance and strengthen the already longstanding ties between Eritrea and the Scandinavian countries. Under the Eritrea rubric you will find information about the people and languages and religion.
People of Eritrea
Eritrean Print and Oral Culture -CRC Humanities Computing Studio, University of Alberta
This archive is a good resource for those who are interested in Eritrean culture, and how it is being shaped by the diasporic experience. Literarature is a major focus of this website but it also features images, media, and information on various aspects of Eritrean culture, such as domestic and religious ceremonies, songs and hymns, clothing, musical instruments, kitchen ware and food.
Eritrean Print and Oral Culture Homepage